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Neither the Tasmanian Canine Association Inc, its employees, affiliate clubs nor any volunteer involved with a TCA Inc sanctioned fixture accept any responsibility for any injury or loss that may occur during the conduct of that event.

Members are reminded of TCA Regulation 101, herunder stated:
" Exhibitors and officials are to ensure that they do not enter a judging area of a sanctioned event with a mobile phone switched on to receive calls."


109B All puppies registered on the Main or Limited Register in the records of the TCA Inc must be microchipped. It is the responsibility of the breeeders to ensure that puppies bred by them are microchipped with the details recorded on a recognised national animal registry database prior to supply/sale and the microchip number is recorded in the records of the TCA Inc. A Certificate of Registration and Pedigree will not be issued for puppies born after 01 October 2005 unless:

(i) the puppy is microchipped

(ii) the Sire and Dam are microchipped. Exceeption may be given where the Sire is not microchipped and is registered by another member body or body recognised by the ANKC where microchipping is not compulsory.

effective 01 May 2007

Members are advised that the Rules for the Conduct of Earthdog Tests are available from the office.

Exhibitors and Stewards are reminded of TCA Inc Regulation 36E: 'A Steward may not handle any exhibit in the group/s for which they are Stewarding.'

Show Secretaries are reminded that the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog has moved in the judging order in Group 5.



In addition to the microchipping service offered at TCA fixtures I wish to advise dogs may be microchipped at the TCA Inc. office. $20.00 for TCA Inc. members and $25.00 for others (plus GST). Phone 6272 9443 to make an appointment.



Breeders are reminded that it is an ANKC requirement that puppies being exported overseas must be microchipped prior to leaving Australia.



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