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Welcome to the Tasmanian Canine Association Inc (TCA Inc) the organisation which administers all pure-bred canine activities in this State.

These activities include shows and obedience trials, open to all breeds of dogs, and retrieving trials and field trials specifically for the Gundog breeds (Pointers, Setters, Spaniels, Retrievers & Utility Gundogs e.g Weimaraners).
A number of obedience clubs also conduct Tracking Trials, a relatively new discipline to the State.

The Tasmanian Canine Association Inc is a member body of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC), together with kindred organisations in each state/territory. The ANKC, in turn, is an associate member of the FCI - Federation Cynologique Internationale, the umbrella organisation for most of Europe, South America, most Middle Eastern countries, and the majority of African and Asian countries. The ANKC has close ties with the Kennel Club England, the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club.

The first dog show in Australia was held in Hobart Town in 1862 and, when the two organisation in the north and south, each administering dogs in the relevant area of the state, agreed to unite, the Kennel Control Council of Tasmania came into being in 1954 as the state body and, with the implementation of a fully-elected governing Council in February, 1995, the organisation changed its name to become the Tasmanian Canine Association Inc.

The Tasmanian Canine Association Inc has forty-four (44) affiliated clubs, including Agricultural Societies, with the responsibility to conduct shows and/or trials on behalf of the Association. There is a show and/or trial held somewhere in the state each weekend throughout the year.

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Attention Group 6 & 7 Exhibitors

 Due to unforseen circumstances it has been necessary to change the Judge for the Utility & Non Sporting Dog Club Show 24 May 2008.

Your Judge will now be Mrs Justine Blyth (Tas)


PDF Files: All forms, GAZETTE etc are now located here.

Conformation Shows These are exhibitions of breeds of pure-bred dogs, judged against the standard laid down for each breed and the dogs most closely adhering to that standard, in the opinion of that judge, will win. Shows are not "beauty contests" but take into consideration the work for which the dog was bred and its ability to undertake such work as well as the general, overall conformation of the dog.

Obedience Trials Obedience trials consist of a dog being required to perform a number of laid-down exercises, under the direction of the handler and judge. Points are deducted for errors made in performing the exercise - the points and deductions are specified in the ANKC rule book. This training relies very much on the association between man and dog. Obedience club also conduct Agility Trials and Tracking Trials. Our obedience clubs provide basic obedience training for young puppies most weekends at their training grounds and aim to train a puppy to the level of obedience required by its owner - some of these puppies will go on to compete in obedience trials as they mature.

Retrieving Trials These trials are specifically for Gundog breeds and as it suggests, it is the ability of the dog to scent out and retrieve game and return it to the handler. Again, trials are run under the rules of the ANKC, which lays down the scoring system with deductions for errors. Like obedience trials, results rely very much on the training of the dog and the rapport between the handler and the dog. This discipline is one that uses the natural instincts of the breeds in the work for which they are bred.

Liason with Government The Association has a representative on the committee dealing with Dog and Cat Control, who ensures that TCA Inc members, as responsible dog owners, are not disadvantage by any proposed legislation. The Association has lobbied for all its members to enjoy reduced local government registration fees and will continue to do so.

The governing Council believes that there will be a strong push from the anti-dog lobby to attempt to ban the human ownership of any animal. It may be that the Association's members will have to fight to continue to have the right to the companionship of their dogs, however, success may rely on the ability to demonstrate and promote responsible dog ownership in every way. Unfortunately the anti-dog lobby does not take into account the benefits of the companionship to those who live alone; to those who have no other family and to the many people in aged care facilities and hospitals who enjoy the visits from their four-legged friends.

Show Results Would you like to have a photo of your BIS or BIG winning dog displayed here on the TCA site? If so then please send your good clear photos of your winners to the Webmistress of the TCA site including details of the dog(s) win, Judge and Show.

News - Hobart Royal 2008

Now available for download!:

Hobart Royal Judges List 2008 & Hobart Royal Order of Judging 2008 and the Payment Advice form


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