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Feature Article

Canine Health

By John Stellman

Our dogs are like their owners, they like to stay active and have a job to do!!! If their owners are surfers or skateboard riders, their dogs can learn to do this sport too. How cool would it be to take your dog surfing with you or skateboard riding? If this is presented to the dog as a challenge, and if you dog has a personality that you think would like it, he would really enjoy it as much as you do. Surfing for dogs has become so popular, and there are beaches that hold competitions every summer. They are judged on the length of their rides, their ability and confidence. Teach your dog to surf next summer and make him a 'cool surfer dude dog'.

There are also groups that organize hiking and camping trips with your dogs. You could also take your dog with you on a long-distance run or mountain climb. If you take your dog on any of these long-distance walks or mountain climbs, always make sure you take plenty of water with you, as your dog will get just as thirsty as you will. Check out the dog backpacks and choose one that would be perfect for your particular dog. That way, your pet can carry his own water bottle and healthy snack to eat along the way.

Whatever activity you involve your dog in, it will contribute towards keeping your precious pooch's weight under control, a healthy heart and overall pet health . During chilly weather, you might want to get your pooch a dog jacket or dog vest, just for that little bit of extra warmth. Dog shoes are also available if you are walking your dog on rough terrain or a mountain climb. Sometimes their little paw pads are sensitive, especially on little dogs or if the pavement is very hot.

Dog treadmills are also another option, especially in areas where there is lot of rain or snow and you can't take your dog out on a daily walk. With a dog treadmill you can be sure that your pet is getting exercise every day getting plenty of oxygen to his lungs, regardless of the weather conditions. And, it would save the pet owner a lot of time too. We all want to increase our pets' lifespans and prevent obesity, and the only way to do this is with daily exercise, no table scraps and a healthy diet.

As much as our pets love to eat scraps from our tables, this isn't a healthy practice to get started. If you never start giving them scraps from the table from the beginning, they will never expect them. Stick with a good healthy dog food diet, or perhaps home-made dog food might be a choice. Check with your veterinarian as to what would be the best diet for your particular dog.

If your dog has been given table scraps from a previous owner, or perhaps other family members, and you want to break this habit, you might want to start by confining your pet in a pet carrier or pet kennel during meal times. You could even put him in another room during meal times until you get this habit broken. Doing this would especially make it less stressful when you want a relaxing meal or when you are having company over for dinner, so that you won't be embarrassed by a begging dog.

Whatever activity of exercise you decide to do to keep your pet healthy, you always have to remember to be consistent and give your pet lots of love, praise and petting, and perhaps a 'healthy' treat.

About the Author: John Stellman is owner and operator of the new pet boutique http://www.UpscalePetAccessories.com offering Cat Supplies, Dog Dresses and much much more!

Sun Feb 1 2015

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